Top five things I love about the Maxfield Open golf tournament

24 09 2009
  1. The fact that I’ve won it 7 out of 9 years
  2. Getting back at my older brothers for all the pain and suffering I went through because of them
  3. Seeing how hopeful my brothers and Dad get about it every year and then, after I’ve won, how defeated they feel and then still knowing that it will happen all over again the following year
  4. The amazing amount of meat that is consumed over a 4 day period
  5. Getting time away with my brothers and Dad where we can experience every aspect of what makes life awesome and horrible in 4 days, all together.

Top five things that bug me about twitter but not enough to make me stop using it

23 09 2009
  1. Name dropping
  2. People that finish their tweets with an ellipsis (…) and then a link to the rest of their tweet because they couldn’t control their diarrhea¬†mouth to stop at 140 characters like the rest of us
  3. People who use it to blatantly promote how awesome their incredibly normal life is
  4. The fact that I don’t really know a lot of the people I follow
  5. That it is easier to reach some people via twitter than their email or phone

for a nice little introduction to twitter, check out this video

Top five things I wasn’t expecting to like about my job

22 09 2009
  1. Keeping my desk clean
  2. The amount of This American Life that I get to listen to
  3. Purchasing office supplies
  4. Using the paper folding finisher on our copy machine
  5. Getting the temperature in my office just right with precise adjustments of the shades, windows and door

Top five reasons why I enjoy the Fall season the most

21 09 2009
  1. Putting on a warm coat, scarf and hat for the first time
  2. More clothing options
  3. Having to warm the car in the morning
  4. Building fires in our fireplace
  5. Women put on more clothes

Top five things that are ridiculous about the local television news

18 09 2009
  1. Jesse Jones…King 5 News!
  2. Extreme, over the top, Doppler radars
  3. Their ability to turn 1 inch of snow into Winter Storm Disaster 2009
  4. The writer who puts the fatal car accident killing 9 people back to back with 4 teenage girls abducted in Enumclaw.  Break that stuff up man!
  5. When a male news anchor chuckles at a female anchor’s joke that isn’t funny.

Top five reasons to listen to NPR instead of any other radio station

17 09 2009
  1. This American Life
  2. No commercials
  3. The musical transitions between segments, acts etc.
  4. It makes me feel older and wiser than I really am
  5. It’s like watching PBS on the radio

Top five things I love about my son

17 09 2009
  1. The way he buries his head into my shoulder when he’s acting shy or tired
  2. His love for his mother
  3. His uncontrollable amount of drool
  4. His sense of humor
  5. His Jewish side curls